Working closely with the "Gaga Camp" Anza, Inc. has produced two duplicate costumes for the current Monster Ball World Tour.  One of the costumes is worn on a regular show basis while the second is in waiting in case of a "wardrobe malfunction" of the first.

Using digital sculpting, a well known New York City sculptor created the "Bodice"; a representation of the human skeleton that's only fitting for a "Monster Ball".  The file was then converted to a standard CAD file which was transmitted to and read in at Anza.  File conversions were successful and High Res STL files were created.  They were used to build a master pattern of the bust, pelvis, shoulder and buckle pieces.  RTV tooling was made from these master patterns.  Color corrected urethane was used in a material specification that would provide a semi-rigid yet pliable "second skin".  This work was completed in under two weeks.  It arrived the day before the opening night with great enthusiasm and accolades.  Shelby S. wrote: "Hi Dave, yes, we have received the final shoulders.  They arrived this morning, and along with all of the rest, look marvelous! Thanks so much for rushing them out.  It really looked amazing!!"